Day 21–Dressember 2019

Day 21 Dressember 2019Today I was feeling festive, it was gift wrapping day.  My grand-daughter was coming over to wrap all my Christmas gifts for our family Christmas next week and it’s always a joy to see her and always a blessing that she loves to do this for me.  So, I “dressed up” in my glittering gold dress, complete with matching gold pants, and shoes ( attire I’d had from my dance team days) plus, I jokingly added a couple of gold bows to my outfit.

Thinking upon all of this later, I realize how fortunate I am, as there are so many in this world that cannot “dress up”, nor have the freedom to buy presents or even celebrate Christmas.  They are victims of trafficking, trapped in slavery to those who exploit them.

On the Dressember website this evening I read an article about 72 such people who were trapped as slaves in a sweatshop for big name fast fashion.  These 72 people, 67 of whom were women, were forced to work 18 to 20 hour days, under guard in a place, and had no contact with the outside world.  They were garment maker slaves, dependent on their captors.

When and where was this?  In some far away foreign country or long ago?  No….it was in May 2018 in El Monte, California.  Read the entire story “The El Monte Sweatshop Case” on the Dressember Blog–HERE

Your Donation in any amount will help in the fight to end this modern slavery and trafficking that is going on worldwide.  Dressember and it’s 15 partner organizations are diligently at work to expose and end this evil treatment of human beings, but they need funding to do so.

Links to donate are listed below.  Thank you.  Leona

My Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

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