Day 12–Dressember 2019

Day 12--Dressember 2019
Today’s “Create for Dressember” prompt is “Kind”.  How do you create kindness?  I like to think it is by being kind and that attracts kindness in return.

It’s unfortunate that the 40 million people trapped in human trafficking and slavery don’t see any kindness in their daily lives.  They live in a world of fear and greed, poverty and abuse.  Kindness is not something they experience, but they should.  They should be able to live lives of freedom, hope and dignity, but unless someone helps them escape from the world they are trapped in they never will for they have many barriers that keep them in bondage to their captors.

This infographic shows the reasons victims are helpless to save themselves:

Dressember through it’s 15 Partner Organizations is working to break down these barriers to set people free.

You can help by donating funds, sharing awareness, and praying.  If we all help we will see this 150 billion dollar industry shut down.

Donation Links are listed below.  Thank you, Leona

My Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

My Dressember Facebook Fundraiser:

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