Review of “Seeing the Elephant: Voices from the Oregon Trail”

Seeing the Elephant: Voices from the Oregon TrailSeeing the Elephant: Voices from the Oregon Trail by Joyce Badgley Hunsaker

This book has some very interesting stories of true life happenings on the Oregon Trail.

It contains actual journal entries and stories of Narcissa Whitman (1836), Thomas Jefferson Farnham (1839), Jesse Applegate (1843), Catherine Sager (1844), Abilgail Scott (1852), Ezra Meeker (1852), Helen Stewart (1853), Fincelius G. Burnett (1865), and Mrs. Lucy Alice Ide (1878). All these tell their stories of traveling the Trail to Oregon Country. All the accounts are in the actual words of those named and are most interesting.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in American History, especially the History of the Oregon Trail.
It brings to light what truly happened to the people we call pioneers who traveled West in covered wagons to reach the land of their dreams. It is amazing all they went through and the positive determination they had to succeed. It causes one to truly appreciate these emigrants of the early West and all they accomplished.

–Leona Atkinson

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