Review of “Love’s Unfading Light” by Naomi Rawlings

Love's Unfading Light“Love’s Unfading Light” is Book 1 in the Eagle Harbor Series.  It is set in the 1880’s in the little community of Eagle Harbor, Michigan which is a real unincorporated community that exists in Michigan today.  In 2010 it had a population of 76 people, so the book describes it very well and it actually has a working lighthouse that is still in use today, just as the book described.
I did an internet search and found many beautiful pictures of the community and of Lake Superior on whose shores this community sits and the pictures really made the book become even more alive to me.

The main characters in the book are a single mom named Tressa, who is a widow, and a lighthouse keeper named Mac. The one thing they have in common is that both of them have been blamed and shunned by most people in the community for bad actions done by others. Tressa for the cheating and lying that her deceased husband did and Mac for the swindling things his late father did.
Neither Mac nor Tressa are looking for love. Both have too many burdens and past hurts to deal with, but God apparently has other ideas.
This is a sweet romantic story of two people who through no fault of their own have been deemed worthless, yet as God brings them together they find love, self-worth and happiness.
The book also shows the danger to fisherman and boaters who go out onto Lake Superior as raging storm surges seem to happen quickly without warning. Two scenes in the book describe dramatic night rescue missions during such storms.
There are other interesting life stories and events going on surrounding the people in the community and those close to Tressa and Mac
all of which keep this book a page turner until the end and I look forward to reading the many other books in this series.
–Leona J. Atkinson

The photograph below is an actual picture of the light house and Lake Superior during a raging storm taken by Photographer John McCormick. I happened to find it on  Flickr and it has made the storm scenes in the book become more real to me. Mr. McCormick has many more photos he took of Eagle Harbor on his Flickr page for those interested in seeing more.  The link is below.
"September Gale" Eagle Harbor Lighthouse - Eagle Harbor , Michigan

“September Gale” Eagle Harbor Lighthouse – Eagle Harbor , Michigan
photo by John McCormick “Michigan Nut Photography”





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