Review of 40 Verses to Ignite Your Faith by Laurie Polich Short

40 Verses Book Cover Review of 40 Verses to Ignite Your Faith by Laurie Polich Short

In this book Laurie Polich Short offers what she says are “Surprising Insights from Unexpected Passages” in the bible. Laurie shares 40 scriptures taken from the Old and New Testaments that are often overlooked or obscure verses, and shows us how they might be relatable to our lives today.

She deals with doubt, God’s timing, aloneness, waiting, obedience, trust, tempations, faith, decisions, prayer, sorrow and much more. As you read through this book of “40 Verses”you will surely find many that you can relate to, and many that will encourage and uplift you. For instance, some chapters titles are: “Moving Ahead of God’s Timing”, “The Courage to Pray for a Bigger Story”, “Running Away from God”, “The Answer You Weren’t Looking For”, and more. You are sure to find many relatable chapters in this book.

This book not only lists the scriptures and Laurie’s messages regarding them, but it also has Reflection questions on each verse which help the reader to ponder over each meaning and apply what was learned to their own life.

I would recommend this book as a great daily devotional or as a bible study for a church or home group.

It is a book that will not be just read once and forgotten, but will be a resource to read and glean from many times over.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.

–Leona J. Atkinson

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