Day 9–Dressember 2019

Day 9--Dressember 2019My focus this month seems to be drawn to all the lights that abound at this time of the year.  I have always enjoyed the many lights of the Christmas season, but this year I seem to be noticing lights more than ever.
Since we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, who is the Light of the world, it is appropriate that we should be seeing many various types of lights at this time, yet this year for some reason I seem to be more impacted by light.  And so, while visiting my local college today where I am an online student, I happened to notice this decorated door as I was going to an appointment with my advisor.  And since I am taking a picture everyday of myself in a dress, I just had to get a picture of me by this beautiful decorated door.

The Academic Coach, whose door this is , happened to be in her office at the time and graciously offered to take my picture, after of course, I shared with her why I was doing so.  We chatted about why I am wearing a dress, what Dressember is , and what it is doing towards fighting human trafficking and modern slavery, and she generously said she wanted to donate to help the cause, for which I am very grateful.

I was also able to share about Dressember with a couple others there at the college that I had to meet with about school today, so I feel it was a great day for spreading the light of awareness and I am glad I was able to do so.

“Your Light Makes the Season Bright”–Your donation could bring the light into someone’s life that is now trapped in abuse and slavery.  Give any amount to help us bring the light of hope to a child, woman or man caught up in trafficking.  Your donation could be the one that opens the door to freedom for someone. Thank you.  –Leona

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