Day 7–Dressember 2019

Day 7 Dressember 2019
Today was a rainy chilly day, a nice day to stay inside to relax and read, however upon reading Dressember’s post on this Day 7, I was motivated to go out and share to raise awareness.

Infographic by Dressember 2019Human Trafficking has been reported in all 50 US States.  Yes, it’s everywhere!  It’s here in the USA, it’s not just “over seas” as most people in the USA think, it’s worldwide, and it might be right in your town, city or village. As we travel there are signs posted in the restrooms at the Rest Areas with 800 numbers saying if you are a victim of trafficking to call the number for help.

There’s no safe places anymore.  We need to open our eyes and minds to the facts.  We need to educate ourselves so we can be prepared to recognize the signs.  We need to spread awareness to everyone we know.

Today at a local store I was able to share Dressember with the young cashier who was checking me out.  She was very aware.  She said she had previously lived in a city some distance from our area where trafficking was very prevelant.   She told me she was glad to hear about Dressember and their movement to bring an end to the trafficking and abuse and she was very much interested in supporting the cause.

Your donation of any amount can help put a stop to trafficking, set people trapped in abuse free, and help victims to regain a normal life.

Origami Dress Ornament--FreedomIf you donate $5.00 or more to my Dressember fundraiser for this purpose I will personally send you one of my handmade Origami Dress Ornaments as a thank you.  Just message me your mailing address after you donate.

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