Day 6–Dressember 2019

Day 6 of Dressember 2019Today I was out and about spreading awareness with some people I knew and others I happened to meet.

I chose to wear a necklace I received as a gift in a promo giveaway I won from Author, Rosanna White, when she was promoting the release of her novel “Heart’s Revolution”, a historical romance set in the 1700’s which I very much enjoyed reading.  (You can read my review of it here if you would like)  The necklace has a quote from the book which says “I cannot think it reckless to do the right thing.” This was spoken by the main character Lark Benton when she was making a decision to do something she knew was right but that was against the social norm of the day.

That quote fits what we who are Dressember Advocates are thinking and doing, we are speaking out against a subject that most people don’t want to recognize is happening.  We are standing against the money making evil that is destroying lives of men, women and children as we raise awareness in our little corner of the world.
Some might think we are being reckless going out campaigning against this $150 billion dollar industry, but we feel we must do the right thing by spreading awareness and raising funds to stop it.

William Wilburforce was a leader in the movement to abolish slave trade in the late 1700’s. He said: “It is the true duty of every man to promote the happiness of his fellow creatures to the utmost of his power.”

And that is what I and my fellow Dressember Advocates are trying to do to the best of our abilities.  We are bringing awareness and inviting others to share and give, some do, some can’t, some just would rather ignore, yet as Wilbur Wilburforce also said: “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

If you would like to donate to my Dressember Fundraiser you can do so at either of the links below.

Thank you,  Leona

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