Day 5–Dressember 2019

Day 5This afternoon Day 5 finds me in my storage shed digging out the Christmas Village tote.  I decided to set up part of my Christmas Village display on the window sill of my small bedroom and put lots of white lights around it.
For some reason this year I am just focused on light.  I guess it’s appropriate because Jesus said He was the Light of the world and this is the time of the year we celebrate His birth.

So, as I was setting up my little village my thoughts wandered to little villages and cities all over the world where many people are not living happy lives in brightly lit comfortable homes, nor going to nice schools, churches, grocery stores, or libraries.  Neither are they outside playing in parks, nor sitting in the town square or in the local coffee shop, as the people in my little windowsill village are.  No, these people are victims of human trafficking, trapped in a dark world of abuse and poverty, modern slaves to a world that profits off them.

Today’s infographic tells us that Human Trafficking is a very big business.  It is sad that many in our world love money more than people.

However, there are also people who do not, but who are not aware of Human Trafficking and the facts regarding it.
That is why I and many other Dressember Advocates around the world are wearing dresses all this month.
We are trying to let people know what is happening.
We standing against these horrible money making operations, and trying to raise awareness and funds so that people everywhere can live lives of freedom.
Won’t you help us?  A donation of any amount will help in this fight.  Also, you can help by sharing this information with others you know and by praying that those trapped in this lifestyle of bondage and abuse will be set free.   Thank you.  Donation links are below.

Day 5 stats infographic on human trafficking
My Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

My Dressember Facebook Fundraiser:


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