Day 31–Dressember 2019

Day 31  Dressember 2019
And so it comes to an end–for 2019, that is.

For me, the journey will not end as what I have learned cannot be forgotten and what I have seen cannot be unseen.  My heart and soul has been touched by the facts, figures and images of victims trapped in modern slavery and human trafficking.

Though my 31 days of dress wearing is ended I will am sure I will continue the fight against trafficking and abuse in some form or another.  I will most likely partner with one or two organizations that I have been following  and will be helping them in some way to spread awareness of this evil that has overtaken so many people.

Thank you for joining me in this December Dressember journey.  I hope the things I have shared have touched your heart and mind and that you too will go forward into the New Year spreading awareness and helping where you can to set victims free so they can live lives of dignity as they deserve.

Happy New Year!  –Leona

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