Day 30–Dressember 2019

Day 30 Dressember 2019Today was a bright sunny dry December day, quite unusual for this time of year in Oregon.  A good day to go out and about in my dress spreading awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery to those who might be un-aware, as I once was.

I have learned so much from reading and research over these last 30 days of being an Advocate that I cannot help but want to share the information with others, thus I welcome the chance to go out and about daily, looking for opportunities to bring awareness to those I meet.

One thing I think is important to share is the ways we can spot signs of trafficking.  If we know what to look for we can always be on alert and watch for signs that may signal trafficking is taking place.

The infographics tell us what to look for and where to call to report if we see anything.

The above things are something we can all do daily to help stop human trafficking.  We can also share this information with others we meet or know, we can pray for the victims and survivors, we can give financially to fund organizations that are working to bring an end to this evil treatment of humans.  There is much yet to be done, but if each of us does something, much can be accomplished.

If you would like to donate financially to help, any amount will be most appreciated and will be put to good use by the 15 organizations that Dressember funds.  Your donations are tax-deductible.  Thank you.  Leona

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