Day 29–Dressember 2019

Day 29 Dressember 2019“Knowledge is power.” –Francis Bacon

My local library has these statues of two children reading.  The little girl’s book is inscribed with the title “Mutual Respect”

Books, reading, knowledge, words, children, mutual respect, are all on my mind today as I stand by these statues in my dress for Dressember Day 29.

A month ago I had no idea that Human Trafficking was a 150 billion dollar industry and that it is the world’s fastest growing crime.  I had no idea that 40 million people were victims of trafficking and modern slavery or that 1 in every 4 of those victims was a child.

But, once I learned those facts and more, I could not turn away from doing something to change those statistics.  That is why I chose to be a Dressember Advocate, to spread awareness, to let others who perhaps like me were un-aware, know about this.

“Knowledge is power”, and words have power. As we learn and spread our knowledge we can all stand together to stop this evil trafficking from growing.  We can all work towards protecting our children from getting caught up in trafficking.  We can all stand together to help free victims of slavery worldwide so they can find dignity and resume a normal life as they should.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” –William Wilberforce

Links are listed below if you would like to donate to my campaign fundraiser–all contributions are tax deductible and go towards fighting human trafficking and slavery worldwide.   Thank you.  Leona

My Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

My Dressember Facebook Fundraiser:

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