Day 24–Dressember 2019

Day 24 Dressember 2019Today is Christmas Eve and we had our Family Christmas early this morning.

This year, with all I have learned from being a Dressember Advocate,  I am very thankful, more than ever before, that I have a family to spend time with and share gifts with, as many people in our world don’t have that opportunity.

Also, this year, because of what I have learned about fast fashion and slavery in the fashion industry, I was more conscious of how I shopped and where, and I actually looked up brand names to see if they were ethical or not before buying them.

One way that we as shoppers can make a difference in the fight to end human trafficking and modern slavery, is by being more conscious of our clothes choices and try to shop ethically.

Brands should be transparent about how they operate with regard to the people they employ, the resources they use and dispose of, and the materials they use.

We as shoppers should be concious of how our clothes are being made and who is making them. Are the manufacturers treating their workers fairly and humane? Are the materials being used negatively affecting animals and/or our planet?

Asking these questions and finding the correct answers to them can seem challenging at first, but with all the resources available these days, it is easier than ever to find reliable information.

Dressember Ethical ResourcesDressember suggests these two Apps that you can download for free:
DoneGood and GoodOnYou . They offer info on ethical brands and shopping.

Also, Dressember has a list of over 400 ethical brands on its website at:

Plus, if you are on Instagram you can Follow these sites: @donegoodteam , @goodonyou_app , and @fash_rev

As we start a New Year, let’s resolve to be more conscious of our shopping habits by checking labels, asking “Who made these clothes?”, researching and knowing brands, determining not to buy fast fashion, and opting to buy at thrift or consignment stores, in that way we can help stop the demand for forced labor in the fashion industry and bring a closer end to human trafficking and modern slavery in our world.

If you’d like to support me as I continue to raise awareness and advocate to bring an end to human trafficking and slavery, you can give any amount at the fundraisers listed below.  Thank you.  Leona

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