Day 22–Dressember 2019

Day 22  Dressember 2019
Presents wrapped–sorted into Gift Bags–ready for Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow I just need to finish baking some cookies and then all my Christmas preparations will be done, and soon all the excitement, joy and festivity of the season will end and things will go back to “normal” for most people.

However, “normal” life doesn’t exist for some people who are trapped in slavery.  Festive lights are not a reality to those who dwell in the darkness of trafficking.  There will be no presents or cookies for the little children who are victims of abuse and exploitation.  There are no “special holiday” breaks for these 40 million people who are living lives of fear, poverty and hopelessness.  They just exist day to day unless someone finds them and brings them to freedom.

Dressember and it’s 15 partner organizations are looking daily to find these victims so they can be set free and restored to dignity.  Dressember’s vision is “a world without slavery” and that is what they work towards daily.  Many victims have been found and set free, but many more are still in bondage.

You can help by spreading awareness, praying for this evil to be stopped, shopping ethically, staying alert to signs of trafficking and reporting suspicious activity, and giving funds to help these organizations fight trafficking worldwide.

Links to give are listed below.  Thank you.  Leona

My Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

My Dressember Facebook Fundraiser:


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