Day 20–Dressember 2019

Day 20 Dressember 2019Today I reached 50% of my Goal!! 

Thanks to donations from friends, family and local businesses.

I am so thankful for every donation that has come in so far this month, any amount large or small has helped me reach this 50% mark and every penny that has been donated will make an impact in someone’s life as we stand together in this fight against human trafficking and modern slavery.

If you haven’t yet donated, there are still a few days left in this month that you can do so, and I am still giving away a Free Handmade Origami Dress Ornament to anyone who donates $5.00 or more.  So please consider giving any amount you can.  It would be wonderful if I am able to reach 100% of my goal by the end of this month!

Origami Dress OrnamentsMy Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

My Dressember Facebook Fundraiser:




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