Day 15–Dressember 2019

Day 15 Dressember 2019“It’s More Than Just A Dress” is Dressember’s slogan.

“The Dress Is Our Flag” is another of their sayings.

We Advocates say “The Dresses that we wear everyday in December are our Uniform.”

Everyday when I and hundreds of other Dressember Advocates put on our dresses and go out or stay at home, we are on a mission to share about human trafficking and modern slavery. That is our purpose in doing this. We are not just “dressing up” to look pretty or take selfies for attention.  We are doing so in order to attract attention so we can share about Dressember and their efforts to stop human trafficking and modern slavery worldwide.

Today I was out doing some Christmas shopping in one our local stores.  As I was checking out the cashier said “My, you look very hip today”, and that was my opening, my opportunity to share about why I was dressed as I was and what I was trying to accomplish.  She listened carefully and was very thankful for the info and for my card that I gave her.  She said she would definitely look into it more.  I was thankful for one more chance to share awareness, something I wouldn’t have been doing if I hadn’t been “dressed up” and looking “hip”.

(By the way, my “hip” look was achieved through purchasing my dress at a local family owned thrift store, where actually I do most of my shopping. I do not buy the high end un-ethical fashion brands that some stores offer, for they often use modern slavery to manufacture.)  Fashion Industry Infographic

When thinking of Christmas gifts this year, this is something to keep in mind.  ——————>

Speaking of Christmas gifts, your donation in any amount, would be a wonderful gift to this Dressember campaign against human trafficking.

Freedom Origami DressI am still offering a Free Handmade Origami Dress Ornament to anyone who donates $5.00 or more.

Links to Donate are listed below.  Thank you, Leona

My Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

My Dressember Facebook Fundraiser:




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