Day 14–Dressember 2019

Day 14-Dressember 2019Day 14 of Dressember was a very festive day filled with crafts, people, smiles, Christmas cookies and many opportunities to share about Dressember and human trafficking.

I was able to bring a few of my crafts and books to a local Holiday Bazaar and the money I raised from sales of these I donated to my Dressember campaign.

I met some others who are advocates or volunteers working towards the same goals–to stop human trafficking.  Most people I talked with seemed to be aware, but did not know how big nor evil it has become.

Last night I read in the local news that an Undercover Child Predator Sting resulted in the arrest of 5 men.  This was in a city locally, not across the ocean.

Today my grand-daughter told me she felt she was being followed in our local Walmart and when she noticed the guy fled.  A few weeks ago another lady from my town reported a similar experience.

People do not realize that most trafficking and exploitation takes place close to home.  ExploitationThat is why we need to be aware and always be alert.  If you notice something that looks suspicious don’t ignore it.  If you have a feeling that someone is following you, don’t ignore it.

If you see something, say something. You can report signs of trafficking to your local trafficking hotline.

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