Day 1–Dressember 2019

Day 1--Me in my dressDecember 1, 2019

Well on my first ever day of doing Dressember I was given the opportunity to share about human trafficking, even before leaving my home or before putting on a dress.

I was having breakfast at home, still in my robe and nightgown and was perusing Facebook.

I came upon a post in my community’s discussion board. A lady with her little girl in my little town was relating a really scary experience she had last night in a local grocery store. She felt she was being followed around the store by two guys who kept staring at her.  No matter what isle she went in or which way she went to try to avoid them one of them was always there. They weren’t shopping and had no cart or bags with them.  She felt so unsafe that she went up to an employee at the front of the store who was stocking shelves, told him about it and stayed by him. He called the manager and both of them told her to stay near with them. The manger told another employee to go watch the store cameras to keep track of the guys.

The guys kept loitering in the store, not shopping, but seemingly waiting around for the lady, and they were there for a long time. Then, not buying anything, they went outside, and sat in the parking lot for a long time like they were waiting for her to come out.

She didn’t know these guys and had never seen them before.

So it was all very strange. Like it could’ve been a trafficking experience. I don’t know if the store called police or reported it but I feel they should have.  The manager said she was going to try to get the license plate of the guys car.

Anyhow, reading this account on the morning of Day 1 gave me the chance to share in the post comments about Dressember and why I am doing this. Many people on the discussion board weren’t aware of trafficking, or just didn’t want to believe that it could be a trafficking experience, but I feel it could’ve been and I am glad the lady and her child are okay.  I am glad that she followed her instincts and sought out help when she felt unsafe.

And reading this made me more aware that trafficking could possibly happen anywhere, even in a small town grocery store and it erased any doubts I had about doing Dressember.  In fact, it motivated me more than ever to put on my dress and go out today to spread awareness.


If you would like to help me in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery, click this link to learn more and/or donate to my fundraiser.  Any donation of $5.00 or more before December 15th will receive a handmade Origami Dress Ornament as a free gift from me.


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