Book Review of “When Life Doesn’t Match Your Dreams” by Jill Eileen Smith

When Life Doesn't Match Your Dreams by Jill Eileen SmithBook Review of “When Life Doesn’t Match Your Dreams” by Jill Eileen Smith
Hope for Today from 12 Women of the Bible

“When Life Doesn’t Match Your Dreams” is a book every women can relate to in some way, as without a doubt most of us have encountered a similiar life situation that one of these 12 biblical women faced, because, as most of us will agree, life does not always go according to what we hope, plan or dream for.

Yet, this book shows us that even though life often doesn’t play out the way we thought it would, we can still keep hoping and dreaming, for everyday is a new day and a new chance, for our God is an Awesome God who can work ALL things together for good in our lives.

Of the 12 Women in this book, some might be more familiar to you than others, but all of them were real women. Sometimes when reading the bible and its stories, we tend to forget it is about real people. It is stories about real people who lived real lives, and went through real life experiences like we do, the only difference is that it was many years ago.

Have you ever wondered when reading about Adam and Eve’s story, what Eve might have been thinking and feeling? After all, she was the one who got enticed by the serpent and caused Adam to join her in eating the forbidden fruit. Ever wonder why she did that, or what was going on in her mind to cause her to do such a thing and how she felt about dealing with it all afterwards?

And what about Noah’s wife, ever wonder how she felt about the whole Ark building venture? The bible doesn’t tell us much about her, but her in Jill’s book we can imagine what she felt and thought about all that was going on in her life at that time and after the flood.

And many others, like Lot’s wife, why did she look back when she was warned not to? Or Potiphar’s wife who seemingly had it all, yet risked everything to try to win Joseph? This book looks at women who faced abandonment, betrayal, lonliness, and wrong choices. Women who had to live with consequences of actions done by them in desperation, or done to them by others. Women who took risks and lost, or lived with regret, women who made the best of what they had and trusted God, women with problems just like you and me.

This book imagines what these women might have thought and how they may have reacted and dealt with their circumstances and life choices. I believe it shows us that there is always hope for the future even though our life doesn’t end up being the life we dreamed about, we can still have hope for the future, because we have God and He will help us if we ask Him to.

I think this is a book that you will find yourself relating to in many ways, and one which you will want to read again and again.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, but I was not expected to give a favorable review. All thoughts are my own.

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