A Review of “Heart’s Revolution” by Roseanna M. White

Heart's Revolution book cover“Heart’s Revolution”  by Rosanna W. White is  a Historical Romance set in the year 1783,  just after the Revolutionary War ends. The places are  Wiliamsburg, Virginia and Annapolis, Maryland.

The war has ended for everyone except Lark Benton. She has an internal war going on inside herself. A battle only she can win or lose. It is a battle of her heart and mind, for she has been in love with a man named Emerson Fielding all her life. A man who has asked her to marry him, yet ignores her constantly, and barely acts as if he notices her, much less cares for her.

This book takes the reader on journey with Lark as she deals with anger, hurt, and betrayal from a man she both loves and hates. You will find yourself caught up in each aspect of her journey as she runs from her past and present, towards an unknown future, where she hopes to find freedom and true love.

But, will she escape Emerson Fielding? And if she does, will her heart ever forget him and love again?

If you love Historical Fiction you will surely enjoy learning about this time period of life in the US after the Revolutionary War as author Rosanna M. White has done much research to bring much truth regarding actual places and people into this fictional story.

This is a book I would enjoy reading more than once and I probably will!

–Leona J. Atkinson

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